Psalm 5 - Rejoice in You
by Shane Heilman

Give ear to my words, O LORD
Please hear my spirit groaning
Listen to the sound of my cry
To You, my God and King
In the morning, Youíll hear my voice as I offer my prayer
And I will watch for Your answer in eager expectation

For You are not a god who delights in sin
No evil dwells with You
And the prideful shall not stand
For You despise evil men
But as for me, Iíll come into Your house
Covered by Your abundant mercy
And in fear of You Iíll lay face down
Before Your throne in grateful worship

Oh, lead me in Your ways
Make Your path before me straight
Protect me from my enemies who attack me night and day

For their mouths are full of lies
And their hearts are wickedness
Their throats are an open grave
They trick many with their tongues
Convict them, O God
Let their rebellion lead to their fall
But for Your church, I pray
I prayÖ

Let all who trust in You be glad
Let them sing for joy all of their lives
For You guard them on every side
Let those in You rejoice in You
Surely You will bless Your own
Youíll defend them with Your steadfast love
With a shield the enemy canít touch
Let those in You rejoice in You
For our enemies are strong, but You have overcome
So let Your people all over the earth exult in You